Kelly and Christy


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The Amazing Race 13
1st Leg: 5th Place
2nd Leg: 7th Place
3rd Leg: 8th Place
4th Leg: 3rd Place
5th Leg: 5th Place *
6th Leg: 2nd Place
7th Leg: 6th Place/Eliminated

* - Arrived 5th, but will now depart in 4th due to Terence & Sarah that were being penalized 30 minutes for the start of Leg 6 because they got stopped by a police officer for speeding at 117 km/hr on a 100 km/hr zone and receive a speeding ticket from a police officer in New Zealand.

6th Team Eliminated - 11/9/2008

Best friends Kelly Crabb and Christy Cook are one of the 11 pairs participating in the 13th season of The Amazing Race. Have gone through so much together, they wish to prove that they can overcome anything, and perhaps be the first all-female team to get to the finish line first.

Kelly works as a sales representative, while Christy works as a business development representative for an insurance company. Despite being only both 26 years old, they have gone through quite a lot, having supported one another through their own marriages and, eventually, the divorce of both. The past ten years have seen them work at the same company, remodel homes together and deal with everything life throws at them.

The two are up for the physical bit of the race—during college, Kelly was a dancer, while Christy was a cheerleader. They also believe that their Texas charm will be advantageous to them. Couple that with their resourcefulness and their head-on mindset, and they believe they will win the race. Kelly may be impatient at times, and Christy may be temperamental, but they hope to deal with those and make sure they don’t get lost—after all, neither has traveled extensively outside the United States.

Exclusive Interview: Kelly and Christy, from 'The Amazing Race 13'

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Kelly and Christy



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The Amazing Race, Season 13, 6th Place






"Did You Push My Sports Bra Off the Ledge?" – Christy
"Please Hold While I Singe My Skull" – Christy

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