Seventeen-year-old Kelli is a junior who moved to the Upper East Side for high school while her parents spend much of their time in the Hamptons. The recent import to the Manhattan social scene shares her apartment with her older brother, and the place usually ends up as a crash pad for friends. Kelli’s hobbies include exploring the city’s high-end restaurants with friends, while managing her brother’s basketball team. As for herself, she is bent on breaking into the music scene as a singer, as she teams up with her team of voice coaches, producers, image consultants, stylists, not to mention her own mom. Kelli is one of the six privileged teenagers who are the focus of the Bravo reality show NYC Prep. The series follows the lives of so-called key players in Manhattan’s elite high school scene. Such a life can be disorienting, as it involves exclusive midnight parties, shopping sprees, and study dates. Viewers will get to know the prep’s families, their entourage, and the their guys/girls at the moment.

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