Keesha Smith


Date Of Birth

August 1, 1978


Born on August 1, 1978, Keesha Smith is a blonde bombshell originally from Sterling, Ohio. She graduated from high school before leaving for Los Angeles, in the hopes of having a career in modeling. She works as a waitress at Hooters, a job she says she loves and has fun with. She claims that it is an important part of her life, being featured in Hooters calendars. She also aspires to be part of the Hooters management team. Keesha is a proud member of PETA, and is a huge animal-lover. She owns a Shih Tzu named Gizzmo, and does not eat red meat. Her favorite food, however, is pizza.

Keesha has a good relationship with both her parents. She gets along with her mother and describes her parents as her heroes. She also says that they are strong, good people. One of her favorite things to do is watch baseball. Like most girls, Keesha also loves to shop. The movie she is most fond of is Thelma and Louise. She also watches The Golden Girls on television, and likes to listen to many kinds of music.

Keesha says her proudest accomplishment is leaving home to pursue her dream. She moved to California by herself without knowing a single soul, and established a life on her own. She also says that she is most ashamed of dating her friend’s ex-boyfriend while her friend still had feelings for him. She is also in a relationship and is living with her boyfriend in California.

A perfect day for Keesha is being on the beach with a cute guy beside her. She also says that her motto is you only live once, so have some fun. She became a fan of Big Brother upon watching the eighth season. She joined because of the fame, the money, and everything that comes with it.

However, on the ninth week of Big Brother 10, Keesha Smith was evicted. She became good friends with Memphis during her stay in the house, until he became the reason for her departure. He was the one who voted her out on Day 64, making her the sixth jury member. Despite that, Keesha became known for being the first houseguest this season to win the Head of Household competition twice.

Birth Name

Keesha Smith




2010: Reality Obsessed (TV series) - Herself
2009: The Fear Chamber - Nancy
2008: Big Brother (TV series) - Herself



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