Kayne Gillaspie



Kayne Gillaspie is the owner of a pageant boutique and hails from Norman, Oklahoma. He was a rejected applicant for the second season of the reality TV series "Project Runway", but made it as a contestant in the show's third season. Despite being praised by the judges, he was eliminated along with returnees Angela and Vincent during the 10th episode. Since leaving the show, he has designed clothes for the 2008 Miss America Pageant and has been featured on several magazines. He has also launched a line of dog couture called Kayne9.

In 2012, Kayne became one of the contestants of Project Runway All Stars season 2.

Place of Birth

Vanderbilt Hospital Nashville, TN

Birth Name

Kayne Gillaspie




"If you don't like rhinestones, you can't be my friend."

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