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Born and raised in Millville, Northern California, Katy Metz works is a make-up artist, model and actress based in Los Angeles. She is Jo De La Rosa’s roommate and best friend. The two met through a mutual friend and have spent a crazy trip in Las Vegas together. A month after touring sin city, they soon became roommates.

Katy Metz will be joining Jo De La Rosa on Bravos’s reality dating show, Date My Ex: Jo and Slade, which follows De La Rosa as she starts over with her life, pursuing a career in music and trying to embark on a new relationship. Katy Metz believes that it is high time for De La Rosa to have a new boyfriend that would balance off her hectic schedule brought by her flourishing music career. She thinks that the perfect man for De La Rosa would be “someone extremely confident, positive, energetic, goal driven and intelligent.” On the show, her main job is to provide emotional support for De La Rosa as she goes through the whole dating process, while maintaining a civil relationship with her ex-fianc? Slade Smiley.

During her free time, Metz enjoys being on the outdoors wakeboarding. She also enjoys traveling and dancing.

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.Redding, CA

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Katherine Metz



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