The epitome of “work hard, play hard,” Katrina has strived to become one of Miami’s hottest real estate agents. She established herself as a powerhouse at a young age, thanks to her no-nonsense approach to business. This led her to rank in the top ½ percent of nationwide realtors, an accomplishment she’s surely proud of.

Katrina has founded and owns her own real estate brokerage firm, known as The Campins Company. Catering to an elite clientele, it has had its fair share of celebrities and athletes as its supporters.

Born and raised in Miami, Katrina is well-acquainted with the city’s ins and outs. The Cuban-American bombshell isn’t the type to sit still, so she has tapped into the area’s nightlife and made herself a staple on the social scene. Even though it looks like fate has blessed her entirely, she still has problems like the rest of us. Katrina can’t help but struggle with her marriage, which has experienced an all-time low.

Despite being a star of Bravo’s Miami Social, Katrina has already appeared on television before. She is remembered as one of the contestants on the first season of The Apprentice. Now, she has returned to the small screen and joins Sorah, Michael, Maria, Hardy, George and Ariel in this reality docu-series set in the country’s liveliest city. The show follows this group of young professionals as they face their corporate duties by day and party all the way at night. There’s a lot going on in Miami, which is an international cultural melting pot of people all ready to face the South Beach sun and fun. These wealthy hopefuls are all searching for something better, and there’s no other place to find it than Miami.

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