Katherine LaNasa


Date Of Birth

December 1, 1966


Growing up, Katherine LaNasa was a performer. A classically trained ballet dancer, she attended the North Carolina School of Arts and Neighbourhood Playhouse in New York. After training with Milwaukee Ballet, she went on to perform with Salt Lake City's Ballet West and the Karole Armitage Ballet.

LaNasa's credits include appearances in several movie and TV roles such as "Three Sisters", "Love Monkey", "12 Miles of Bad Road", and "Infamous". In 2013, she stars in the new NBC drama, Deception.

Place of Birth

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Birth Name

Katherine LaNasa



Fun Facts

- Both LaNasa and her ex-husband, French Stewart, have appeared on "CSI" in 2000 though not in the same episode.


- The Frozen Ground (2012)
- The Campaign (2012)
- Valentine's Day (2010)

- Deception (2013)
- Big Love (2009-2011)
- 12 Miles of Bad Road (2006-2008)
- Three Sisters (2001-2002)

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