Kate Mulgrew


Date Of Birth

April 29, 1955


Award-winning American actress Kate Mulgrew was born on April 29, 1955 in Dubuque, Iowa, with the name Katherine Kiernan Mulgrew. She was the second eldest among her eight siblings, and she knew at the age of 12 that she wanted to pursue an acting career. She knew it was her calling when she read a poem in class and made the nuns cry. In order to achieve her goals, she worked as a waitress and went to several acting schools. These include Northwestern University, the University of Minnesota, and Guthrie Theater. In a span of three years, she gained a lot of experience from the various educational institutions. Later, at 16 years old, she attempted to enter the London Academy of Dramatic Art. She wasn’t accepted, perhaps because of her age. The next year, she earned a spot into the Stella Adler Conservatory of Acting, in conjunction with the New York University. From 1975 to 1977, Kate Mulgrew became known for her first television role: as Mary Ryan on the soap opera Ryan’s Hope. She left the series to portray Kate Columbo on the short-lived series Mrs. Columbo. She was also seen on Dallas, Murphy Brown, and Cheers. Soon, she became a guest star on several episodes of Murder, She Wrote. Kate Mulgrew rose to fame playing Captain Kathryn Janeway on the science fiction TV series Star Trek: Voyager. She was actually the last-minute replacement for Canadian actress Genevieve Bujold who dropped out of filming due to scheduling conflicts. The series ran from 1995 to 2001, earning Mulgrew plenty of critical and fan praise. Mulgrew has also been active in theatre. She starred in a one-woman play called Tea at Five, a monologue based on Katharine Hepburn’s memoir. She also performed in The Exonerated in 2006, and the subsequent year played Helen Donnelly in The Black Donnellys. She later took on the lead role in the Broadway production Our Leading Lady, and got the role of Clytemnestra in Charles L. Mee’s Iphigenia 2.0 for the Signature Theatre Company. Mulgrew is the recipient of a Saturn Award for Best TV Actress and the Golden Satellite Award for Best Actress in a TV series drama, both in 1998. In 2008, she announced her appearance on the Broadway production Equus.

Place of Birth

Dubuque, Iowa

Birth Name

Katherine Kiernan Maria Mulgrew



Fun Facts

- When cast for the role of Capt. Janeway in Star Trek: Voyager, she asked that the character's first name be changed from Nicole to Kathryn. The producers agreed.

- Her character Captain Kathryn Janeway was based on a feminist writer Elizabeth Janeway.

- Kate owns/owned a chocolate lab named Gracie.

- Her husband, Tim Hagan proposed to her on the set of Star Trek: Voyager (1995)

- Her character on Star Trek: Voyager (1995), Captain Kathryn Janeway, is regarded by fans as having Bipolar disorder because of her erratic actions. She blames the writers.


-She received Broadway.com's "Audience Award for Favorite Solo Performance" in "Tea at Five" (2003).

-She received an Outer Critics Circle nomination for "Outstanding Solo Performance" in "Tea at Five" (2003).

-For her performance as driven alcoholic news anchor Hillary Wheaton on Murphy Brown in the episode "On the Rocks" in 1992, she won the Tracey Humanitarian Award.

-She won the award for "Best Actress" at the 29th annual Carbonell Awards for her portrayal of Katharine Hepburn in "Tea at Five".


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Star Trek: Nemesis



5' 5" (1.65 m)


(Giving her opinion on death penalty)
- Execution as punishment is barbaric and unnecessary.

(Thanking her fans)
- Thanks again for your ongoing support, your goodness and your unflagging allegiance. It never ceases to surprise, to delight, and to humble me.

- People often say to me, "Oh, well, now you're typecast. You're know, it's done -- you're Captain Janeway" and I say, "really? If that were the reality, it wouldn't be so shameful, would it?" She was a great character. I was, uh, very, very honored, very blessed to play her. And, uh, I'd do it again. I loved that chapter. I loved it.

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