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Katarzyna Dolinska, is from Roslyn, NY and works in finance. She attended Cornell University. Katarzyna is a contestant on America's Next Top Model cycle 10.

On the fourth episode, Katarzyna won the challenge where the models were asked to walk for fashion label Tuleh on a runway show.  She chose Amis and Marvita to be with her in her prize---a Lot 29 photoshoot for Seventeen magazine.  On the fifth episode, Katarzyna, Whitney and Stacy Ann won the challenge wherein the models' knowledge on the three types of poses where put to test.  Their prize was a trip to a swag tent

On the photo shoot wherein the models were required to pose for different music genre, Katarzyna portrayed Emo.

Her hair was dyed a darker color during her makeover on ANTM.  Later on, her hair had a shorter cut because Tyra felt it suited her better.  Despite all these changes in her looks, Katarzyna was still often criticized.

A person who puts her mind and effort in everything she does, Katarzina believes that “when you get out onto the runway, all you focus on is just doing your walk.”

In one episode, Katarzyna told the judges how to pronounce her name correctly and she was praised for being brave enough to correct them.

In Rome, the models had to speak Italian in a 30 second commercial.  Kat did good and all the judges were happy with her work but Tyra disagreed, saying that it was boring.

In another challenge wherein the girls where photographed face down in the water, Katarzyna also impressed the judges. Since leaving the show, she has signed with Elite Model Management in New York, Ace Models in Athens, Greece, and Ford Models Europe in Paris, France.

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Place of Birth

Lublin, Poland

Birth Name

Katarzyna Dolinska




2008: America's Next Top Model (TV series) - Herself


Kat Doll



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