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Karl Hench appeared as a member of the cast and a contestant during the second season of the CW reality television series Beauty and the Geek. He is a self-proclaimed “dungeon master,” and was paired up together with Danielle Gonzalez. The two of them were eliminated from the competition during its fifth week. Hench was born in the Year of the Dog, and his astrological sign is Virgo. He worked at the Loyola Medical Center as a research assistant, specifically for the field of cardiovascular physiology and later moved to Chicago, Illinois.

Hench has traveled to Europe, and is an avid fan of role-playing and adventure games such as Dungeons and Dragons and The Legend of Zelda. His preferred video game company is Nintendo. During his free time on the weekends, he also works together with a youth organization in Wilmette. On his blog, Hench has also stated that ever since being a part of Beauty and the Geek, he has become more socially active and goes out more often to clubs. He thanks his show partner Danielle for helping him become more interested in clubbing, and maintains a good friendship with her. Hench also claims to actually have been a bit of a jock during his college days, and was captain of their cross country team.

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