Kady Malloy


Date Of Birth

May 9th, 1989


Kady Malloy is an 18 year old from Houston, Texas. She wowed the judges in her Dallas audition with both her great voice but her uncanny ability to impersonate other singers. Kady Malloy's specialty was a dead-on Britney Spears impersonation. While we didn't see too much of Kady once in Hollywood, her place in the Top 24 of American Idol seems well deserved.

Kady's journey on American Idol ended on March 5, after singing her rendition of Queen's "Who Wants to Live Forever."

"I knew that even if I was going out, I would go out doing my favorite song ever," she says. "I love it, and Freddy Mercury is my idol, so it was just an honor being able to sing Freddy."

In talking about the contestants who have recorded albums previously and are in the competition, Kady said, "I just don't think that that's very important, because this industry is so unpredictable, and anybody can fail at an album. These days, anybody can pretty much get a record deal too, so a second chance. It's just based on talent anyway. A second chance is fine."

As for her future plans, she says, "I definitely want to open up an animal shelter and I am definitely going to keep working on my music. Eventually, I also want to open up a camp for kids, and I definitely want to be a spokesperson for gay rights."

Week 1: "A Groovy Kind of Love"
Week 2: "Magic Man"
Week 3: "Who Wants to Live Forever"

Kady Malloy Audition Video:

(Photo courtesy of FOX)

Place of Birth

Houston, Texas

Birth Name

Kady Malloy



Fun Facts

Can Impersonate Britney Spears and other artists
Is part of an all-girl country group called Chasing Dixie
She, Whitaker, and friend are making part of a new country girl band and are making a debut album. It is again a country album
Is a trained opera singer
Judge Simon Cowell always had negative comments about Malloy the only time he didn't slam her is when she auditoned.
Mocks Simon Cowell's eye rolls
Although, there is never a bottom 3 until the Top 12 Malloy had such low votes they had to make a bottom 3 just for her and eliminated contestents. This was the first and only time











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