Justin Hartley


Date Of Birth

January 29, 1977


Justin Hartley was born in Knoxville, Illinois, but grew up in nearby Orland Park. A graduate of the University of Illinois, he began his acting career in 2002, when he joined the cast of the daytime drama Passions. He appeared as Fox Crane, and his portrayal became a hit with fans. He stayed with the soap until 2006.

That year, he appeared in a pilot for the comic-book series Aquaman. The supposed spin-off of Smallville tanked, though, and Hartley ended up with a guest role on the main show itself. His character, businessman Oliver Queen, was supposed to last for only seven episodes, but he later returned in 2008 as a regular cast member. He is the first person to play comic book superhero Green Arrow on television.

Hartley's other credits include films such as Red Canyon and Spring Breakdown. He is currently married to his Passions co-star Lindsay Korman, with whom he has a daughter.

Place of Birth

Knoxville, IL

Birth Name

Justin Scott Hartley



Fun Facts

- He played various sports in high school including baseball, basketball and soccer.

- He has been an avid baseball fan his entire life. His two favorite teams are the Cubs and the Dodgers.




2006-2011: Smallville (TV series) - Oliver Queen/Green Arrow
2010: Scorpio Men on Prozac - Bill King
2009: MegaFault (TV movie) - Dan Lane
2009: A Way with Murder - Ted Rawlings
2009: Spring Breakdown - Todd
2008: Gemini Division (TV series) - Nick Korda
2008: Red Canyon - Tom
2008: Austin Golden Hour (TV movie) - Rhett Clark
2007: Cold Case (TV series) - Mike Delaney '82
2007: Aquaman (TV movie) - Arthur Curry
2007: CSI: NY (TV series) - Elliott Bevins
2007: Spellbound (TV movie) - Danny
2002-2006: Passions (TV series) - Nicholas Foxworth Crane
2005: Race You to the Bottom - Joe






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