Julia Anderson



Julia Anderson has an interesting profile. The Dallas, Texas native is a magician's assistant, and dancer and performer who is a former pageant winner who was Miss Teen Texas in 2002. She was also Miss Grapevine in 2008. Of American Indian lineage, she loves to take care of herself inside and out, or so she says. Her tan comes easy, according to her, but she must get eyelash extensions every two weeks. Among her bad qualities include her admission that she can sometimes be a hypocrite. However, she insists that it is a quality not a weakness. She is convinced that America will love her.

Anderson starred in the ABC reality show True Beauty that puts the spotlight on ten people who are beautiful on the outside who'd try to see if they have what the show calls "true beauty" - beauty on the inside. She emerged as the winner of the competition, appearing in the Most Beautiful People issue of People magazine and winning $100,000 for her prize.




2009: True Beauty (TV series) - Herself

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