Jon Lajoie



Born in 1980 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Jon Lajoie is an comedian, actor, and Internet celebrity best known for the music video "Everyday Normal Guy" where he parodied rappers by singing about his bland, run-of-the-mill daily activities and his peaceful nature. He graduated from Dawson College's theatre program in 2001 and made his professional debut the following year with a role on Radio-Canada's French-Canadian soap opera L'auberge du chien noir. His other videos, including The Bastard Breaks Up, 2 Girls 1 Cup Song, Show Me Your Genitals, Sunday Afternoon, and High as Fuck, achieved huge popularity in YouTube, with Show Me Your Genitals amassing over 20 million views on the video-hosting site. In 2009, he landed a role on a rookie FX comedy called The League, which follows five guys who bond over fantasy football.

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