John Sloan



American actor John Sloan has had a variety of films and television shows to his credit. He was educated at Moreland Elementary School and Shaker Heights Middle School. Later, he attended the University of Cleveland, where he dabbled in sports such as soccer and baseball. When his interest in acting grew, he took on his first stage role in a community theater production of The Music Man. Since then, he has appeared on several movies and programs. In 1997, John Sloan was seen as a gang member in Telling Lies in America. He later chose to study acting more, and returned to the big screen in 2000. He got the part of Barry Mitchell on the Jaxon Ronin drama Divided We Stand, before getting a small role in The Mountain King. In 2002, he was cast as Joe on the comedy Returning Mickey Stern. That year also marked a guest appearance on the series Boston Public, followed by performances in The District, Tru Calling, American Dreams and Judging Amy. He later got the part of Aron Ackerman in the miniseries The Triangle, before he appeared on The Unit. He followed this up with roles in The Oh in Ohio, and on the Gilmore Girls episode “The Real Paul Anka.” In 2006, he was cast in a major role for the Fox sitcom Happy Hour, playing the lead character Henry Beckman. While filming, he got roles in four episodes of Commander in Chief, as well as on the comedy How I Met Your Mother. When Happy Hour was canceled, Sloan booked a guest role in an episode of the hit medical drama Grey’s Anatomy. When asked about his stints as a guest star on several shows, John Sloan had this to say: “Doing guest spots on television is great work, although it’s hard because you come onto a set where everyone knows each other and have probably been working together for at least a little while, and they’re in a flow and a routine. It’s kind of like the first day of school, over and over and over again, with each new job. So you kind of have to develop a tough skin for that and not be shy. You have to be the outgoing guy and make friends quickly.”

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