John C. McGinley


Date Of Birth

August 3, 1959


Born on August 3, 1959 in New York City, New York, John C. McGinley is an actor best known for his role on the hit NBC medical comedy Scrubs. He has a special link with director Oliver Stone, having appeared in six of his films, most notable of which is Platoon. Growing up to a school teacher and a stockbroker, McGinley’s great-grandfather was from Ireland. He grew up in Millburn, New Jersey and subsequently attended Millburn High School, where he played for the school’s football team. This actor has certainly done his professors and mentors at Syracuse University and NYU’s Tisch School of Arts proud. When he was 20, he worked as a ball spotter at the 1980 U.S. Open.

As with most actors, John C. McGinley, fondly known as “Johnny C.” by his fellow actors, started out his career on theater by doing Off Broadway and Broadway productions. He was noticed by a casting scout during the production of Danny and the Deep Blue See in 1984 as John Turturro’s understudy.

McGinley first came into view when he starred in Oliver Stone’s Oscar-winning Platoon in 1986. He went on to appear in more feature films, such as Sweet Liberty in 1986, Wall Street in 1987, and Talk Radio in 1988. In the next twenty years, he would continue to appear in many more blockbusters, he had guest roles in movies like the rock playing one of the mercenaries on the prison often as part of the supporting cast. In 1997, he gained a starring role in the Fox miniseries Intensity. The role earned him critical acclaim. Four years later, McGinley snatched a starring role on NBC’s comedy series Scrubs, where he plays the role of Dr. Perry Cox, a resident doctor at Sacred Heart Hospital who spares no time in keeping the interns on their feet. When the series ended in 2010, he moved on to voiceing characters in The Boondocks and WordGirl.

Place of Birth

New York City, New York, USA

Birth Name

John Christopher McGinley




2012: I, Alex Cross - Richard Brookwell
2012: The Discoverers - Bill Birch
2011: Dan Vs. (TV series) - Fake Dan (voice)
2011: Smothered (TV movie) - Skip
2006-2010: The Boondocks (TV series) - The White Shadow (voice)
2008-2010: WordGirl (TV series) - The Whammer/Robot on TV (voice)
2001-2010: Scrubs (TV series) - Dr. Perry Cox
2009: Superman/Batman: Public Enemies (video) - Metallo (voice)
2009: Scrubs: Interns (TV series) - Dr. Perry Cox
2009: Back (TV movie) - Tom Barnes
2008: Robot Chicken (TV series) - Double Dare Host/Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (voice)
2008: American Crude - Jim
2007: Dead Head Fred (Video Game) - Fred Neuman (voice)
2007: Are We Done Yet? - Chuck Mitchell, Jr.
2007: Wild Hogs - Highway Patrolman
2006: A.W.O.L (short) - Garris
2006: World Trade Center - Fireman
2006: Puff, Puff, Pass - Jerry Dupree
2006: Two Tickets to Paradise - Mark
2003-2005: Justice League (TV series) - Ray Palmer/The Atom/Bookie/…
2005: American Dragon: Jake Long (TV series) - Dr. Diente
2005: Lil' Pimp (video) - Man Cub Master (voice)
2003: Kim Possible (TV series) - Rudolph 'White Stripe' Farnsworth (voice)
2003: Spider-Man (TV series) - Richard Damien (voice)
2003: Identity - George York
2002: It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie (TV movie) - Dr. Perry Cox
2002: Clone High (TV series) - Creepy Trucker
2002: Stealing Harvard - Detective Charles
2002: Highway - Johnny the Fox
2002: King of the Hill (TV series) - One-Armed Ronnie/Ranger (voice)
2002: Crazy as Hell - Parker
2001: The Nightmare Room (TV series) - Dr. Young
2001: Summer Catch - Hugh Alexander
2001: The Animal - Sgt. Sisk
2000: Get Carter - Con McCarty
2000: Sole Survivor (TV movie) - Victor Yates
1999: Any Given Sunday - Jack Rose
1999: Three to Tango - Strauss
1999: The Jack Bull (TV movie) - Woody
1999: Office Space - Bob Slydell
1999: Flypaper - Joe
1998: The Pentagon Wars (TV movie) - Colonel J.D. Bock
1998: Target Earth (TV movie) - Agent Vincent Naples, FBI
1998: Bad Cop, Bad Cop (TV movie)
1997: Intensity (TV movie) - Edgler Foreman Vess
1997: Nothing to Lose - Davis 'Rig' Lanlow
1997: Truth or Consequences, N.M. - Eddie Grillo
1997: The Practice (TV series) - Atty. Leonard Goode
1997: Colin Fitz Lives! - Groundskeeper
1996: Set It Off - Detective Strode
1996: Johns - Danny Cohen
1996: Mother - Carl
1996: The Rock - Marine Captain Hendrix
1996: Psalms from the Underground (short)
1996: Hollywood Boulevard - Jackson Elliot
1995: Nixon - Earl in Training Film
1995: Se7en - California
1995: Born to Be Wild - Max Carr
1995: The Return of Hunter (TV movie) - Det. Sgt. Harry McBride
1995: Long Island Fever (TV movie) - Jim McCarty
1994: Frasier (TV series) - Danny Kriezel
1994: Wagons East - Julian
1994: Surviving the Game - John Griffin
1994: Mother's Boys - Mr. Fogel, Teacher
1994: On Deadly Ground - MacGruder
1994: Car 54, Where Are You? - Officer Francis Muldoon
1993: The Last Outlaw (TV movie) - Wills
1993: Hear No Evil - Mickey O'Malley
1993: Watch It - Rick
1992: Cruel Doubt (TV movie) - Attorney Jim Vos Burgh
1992: Little Noises - Stu
1992: A Midnight Clear - Major Griffin
1992: Article 99 - Dr. Rudy Bobrick
1992: Fathers & Sons - Gary
1991: Point Break - Ben Harp
1991: Highlander II - David Blake
1989: Born on the Fourth of July - Official #1 (Democratic Convention, Pushing Wheelchair)
1989: Suffering Bastards - Buddy Johnson
1989: Fat Man and Little Boy - Capt. Richard Schoenfield, MD
1989: Lost Angels - Dr. Farmer
1989: Prisoners of Inertia - Ogden
1988: Talk Radio - Stu
1988: Clinton and Nadine (TV movie) - Turner
1988: Shakedown - Sean Phillips
1988: Spenser: For Hire (TV series) - K.C.
1987: Wall Street - Marvin
1987: Leg Work (TV series)
1986: Platoon - Sgt. O'Neill
1986: Sweet Liberty - Floyd
1985-1986: Another World (TV series) - Ned


Johnny C


6' 2" (1.88 m)


[on how he memorizes his lines and prepares for his roles] I go downstairs and don't come up from there until I get that stuff hammered in my skull, until I can do it water skiing or jumping out of a plane. It's all about the text, flushing it out, to excavate, to really get in there and see what falls through your fingers.

[on why he feels he never landed a role as a TV series regular until "Scrubs" (2001)] With my dorky head, I guess I just wasn't handsome enough. I'd do the audition but never hear back. TV tends to look for the living equivalents of squeaky-clean Kens and Barbies, but with my dial I'm more like Ken's dirty old uncle.

[on talking to his Any Given Sunday (1999) costar, Al Pacino] When Johnny [John Cusack] and I were shooting The Jack Bull (1999) (TV) in Calgary, he told me just to go up and knock on Al's trailer door. That's the secret of talking to him. If no one knocks on his door, he stays closeted up by himself. It really worked. I spent a lot of time talking to Al.

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