Joe and Bill


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The Amazing Race 1 Result: 3rd Place

The Amazing Race 11
1st Leg: 5th Place
2nd Leg: 3rd Place
3rd Leg: 7th Place
4th Leg: 4th Place
5th Leg: 5th Place
6th Leg: 6th Place
7th Leg: 6th Place/Non-elimination leg
8th Leg: 6th Place/Eliminated * (worked together with Eric and Danielle in the Intersection route marker)

* - Arrived in 5th, but were issued a 30-minute penalty for being "Marked for Elimination" and did not arrive at the Pit Stop in 1st Place. During this time, Eric & Danielle (the only team trailing Joe & Bill at that point) were able to check in ahead of them, and Joe and Bill were knocked out of the race.

6th Team Eliminated - 4/1/2007

Joe Baldassare is the life partner of Bill who previously lived together in Paris for 2 years. He enjoys snow skiing, watching and reading the International Herald Tribune. His favorite celebrities are Dustin Hoffman and Meg Ryan.

Bill Bartek met his life partner Joe through a mutual friend at a Utah ski resort in 1986. They have been together ever since and has traveled extensively around the world. His favorite movie is Some Like It Hot. He also loves to listen to contemporary jazz music.

Joe and Bill were the life partners known as "Team Guido" on the reality television show The Amazing Race season 1. Overall, they ranked 3rd place in the competition.

Joe and Bill were invited to participate in The Amazing Race: All-Stars Edition. They were the 6th team eliminated in the 8th leg because they were "MARKED FOR ELIMINATION" and did not arrive at the Pit Stop in 1st Place as they were issued a 30-minute minute penalty right before arrived to the mat.

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Joe and Bill



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The Amazing Race, Season 1, 3rd Place
The Amazing Race, Season 11, 6th Place






You Need To Watch Your Jokes, Guy – Joe

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