Originally from Los Angeles, California, Jody is a 38-year-old publicist who is described as the "quintessential Careerist.” She appears to have everything – her own successful business, travel to exotic places, and a wonderful life. In fact, she laments the fact that she’d been a bridesmaid at 18 weddings. She has bought a wedding a dress despite not having a boyfriend. She said she tried everything – from going out to clubs to enlisting the help of several dating websites. One of the most popular dating sites, E-Harmony, has labeled her unmatchable, while gave her a refund after three men stood her up. Jody is one of the eight girls who are on a mission on the VH1 reality show Tough Love. Along with seven other girls, she seeks relationship advice from matchmaker Steven Ward and undergoes a boot camp to help her find that dream relationship.

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