A contestant on VH1’s reality series For the Love of Ray J, Joanna was given the nickname Cocktail due to her job as a cocktail waitress. Along with 13 other girls, she has become one of the competitors vying for the affections of the acclaimed singer/actor, Ray J. They will all be taken all over the country, visiting the star’s mansion in the Hollywood Hills while putting up with challenges to prove their love.

Joanna is rather well-known in the reality TV circuit, as she has previously appeared as a cast member in Oxygen network’s The Bad Girls Club. A native of Sacramento, California, she grew up in a family of Hispanic descent. Though she makes a living as a go-go dancer, her parents remain supposedly unaware of the job she’s chosen. She has also had breast enhancement surgery, receiving implants in order to further enhance her slim physique.

Now, she’s all set to use her charm to win over the renowned Ray J, who is looking for someone truly unique to spend his life with. He enlists the help of his family and friends in choosing the right girl for him, giving each lady a fair chance to be his “ride or die chick.” To test the fabulous 14, they’ll have to go to LA’s hottest spots and see just who’ll surpass the eliminations and be the one meant for Hollywood’s celebrated “bad boy,” Ray J.

After overcoming a number of challenges, it was Cocktail who won the heart of Ray J. On the final episode, she brought him to meet her family in Sacramento before spending some alone time with him. He took her to Simon’s restaurant for their date and asked her to spend the night in his room. Upon elimination, Ray J told runner-up Unique that she was too controlling for him. This led to Cocktail eventually winning the series. Unfortunately, things didn’t last between her and Ray J. She announced that he had been seeing other women and couldn’t handle his infidelity anymore.

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