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Jim Tavare discovered that he is indeed funny when he was eight years old. He stood in front of the mirror and realized how ridiculous he looks like. His first solo gig as a stand-up comedian was in the comedy bar The Tunnel Club in East London. He considers Peter Cook, Tommy Cooper, Victor Borge, Mitch Hedberg, Steven Wright, Woody Allen as his major influences in making other people laugh. According to Jim Tavare, his worst nightmare as a comic is to do a gig in a far land such as Siberia, with an interpreter standing next to him and each joke would take him forever to translate while the audience still won’t budge to laugh. This actually happened to him in 2005, when he attended an arts festival in Khanty Mansiisk, Siberia.

Jim Tavare became known one of the finalists of the Last Comic Standing, a reality talent show on NBC searching for the funniest and wackiest stand-up comedian in the country. The winner shall receive a contract with NBC Universal and a Bravo Special. He made it to the finals, but was eventually eliminated from the show. He has since continued his career, staying in London.

Place of Birth

Essex, England

Birth Name

Jim Tavare




2011: Zombies and Assholes (short) - Zombie
2010: Dirty South - Mr. Rumpleton
2010: The Black Box - Crazy Customer
2010: Subprime - Otto Milano
2008: Last Comic Standing (TV series) - Himself - Comedian
2006: Rabbit Fever - Rabbit Stew
2004: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - Tom the Innkeeper
2001-2004: The Sketch Show (TV series) - Various Characters
1995: Jim Tavare Pictures Presents... (TV series) - Jim Tavare
1992: Wings (TV series) - Himself

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