Jim Ross


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January 23, 1952


Born on January 23, 1952 and hailing from Westville, Oklahoma, James William "Jim" Ross joined the Jim Crockett Promotions group and became the lead play-by-play man for the National Wrestling Alliance. He worked for the company up until it became World Championship Wrestling. After his extensive work with WCW, he joined the WWF and took over for Gorilla Monsoon on WWF Wrestling Challenge. He initially worked with Bobby Heenan until Heenan left WWF in 1993. He then became the original main voice of the WWF's pay-per-view events.

In September 1996, Ross turned heel in WWF storylines for the first time in his career. After Diesel (Kevin Nash) and Razor Ramon (Scott Hall) left the WWF, Ross vowed to bring them back.

Later, Ross worked as a host on WWF shows Superstars, Action Zone, Monday Night RAW, Shotgun Saturday Night and SmackDown! In 1997, he again became the main voice at the Survivor Series.

A year later, he took a break from Raw to attend to his worsening condition of Bell's Palsy. He returned to Raw with the storyline that Vince McMahon fired him due to his illness, and that he will not go down quietly about it. In fact, he enlisted Steve Williams as his personal enforcer. The storyline was later dropped and Ross regained his position as the official commentator of Raw.

In 1999, Ross worked as the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations for the WWF/WWE, a codified extension of his long-time role as a member of management backstage in charge of hiring new talent. Six years later, he retired from his executive and management jobs to focus on other things such as his health, family and entrepreneurial activities. However, he still worked as the voice of Raw, until his contract expired in October 2006. He then began to work with them on a year-to-year basis, instead of a multi-year contract.

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