Jerry MacDonald


Date Of Birth

March 13, 1933


A huge Big Brother fan, Jerry was born on March 13, 1933 and has never missed a single episode of the show’s nine seasons. The die-hard aficionado even watches Showtime After Dark and the 24/7 feed.

Jerry left high school in the 10th grade, and returned to college when he was 38 years old. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing Management ten years after he enrolled at Central State, Rochester Institute of Technology and Penn State. He has also spent four year serving the United States Marine Corps. In 1954, he was honorably discharged from the service.

His full-time job is being a devoted husband, taking care of his wife for 54 years. He stays physically fit in order to be there for her, as she has recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. He and his wife have two children, five grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. His excellent marriage is something he is proud of, and attributes it to giving his partner her space, and vice versa.

For 38 years, Jerry worked in a sales/marketing environment. He is a retired general manager of a multi-million dollar sales and marketing organization. He is a competitive spirit, and declares that being number one is the driving force of his life. He likes watching basketball, football, tennis and golf, as well as being a golfer himself. He also enjoys playing pool. Jerry is a volunteer at an animal rescue facility for abandoned pets. He is also a property manager and enjoys playing cards in his spare time. Jerry also works out at the gym in order to stay fit. He doesn’t want to be seen as the old guy in the show, but tells audiences that he’s “got guns.”

His heroes are those who serve in the military, and he believes that they deserve more credit than they are given. Jerry also lists The Ten Commandments as his favorite movie, and listens to big band music and rock and roll. He is also a fan of Elvis Presley.

Jerry describes himself as one that likes to touch, be fair and considerate. A perfect day for him would include spending time being in touch with his family.

On the show, he won HoH twice and played a great game that led him to be the final jury member.

Birth Name

Jerry MacDonald




2008: Big Brother (TV series) - Himself

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