Jennifer and Nathan


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The Amazing Race 12
1st Leg: 10th Place
2nd Leg: 2nd Place
3rd Leg: 3rd Place
4th Leg: 2nd Place
5th Leg: 5th Place
6th Leg: 3rd Place *
7th Leg: 2nd Place
8th Leg: 4th Place
9th Leg: 2nd Place
10th Leg: 4th Place/Eliminated

* - Arrived 2nd but did not take legal form of transportation to the Pit Stop. They were asked to go back and take legal transportation to the Pit Stop before they can check in again, allowing Kynt & Vyxsin to catch up, thus falling to 3rd.

8th Team Eliminated - 1/13/2008

Jennifer Parker and Nathan Hagstom appear together as one of the contestant pairs in the 12th season of the Emmy Award-winning CBS competitive reality television series The Amazing Race. They both hail from the sunny state of California, with Jennifer from Huntington Beach and Nathan from Fountain Valley. He works as a volleyball coach, while she is a student at Cal State Long Beach. The two of them have been described as an athletic pair, and initially got to know each other in college while they were living with their other friends. They both agree that they during their early days they got on each other’s nerves, but eventually delved into a deeper relationship and began to date.

Over the two years that they’ve been courting, Nathan and Jennifer have broken up a few times, yet they still stayed loyal to each other. The two of them readily admit that while they consider each other soul mates, they can still manage to drive each other nuts. Another major difference between their approach to challenges is their level of organization, with Nathan being considered the more organized one compared to his partner. However, they’re both similarly quite stubborn, and have highly dominant demeanors.

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Jennifer and Nathan



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The Amazing Race, Season 12, 4th Place






"Cherry on Top of the Sundae That's Already Melted" – Nathan
"Honestly, They Have Witch Powers or Something!" – Jennifer (Nathan & Jennifer)
"Sorry, Guys, I'm Not Happy to See You" – Jennifer (Nathan & Jennifer)

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