Jen Diturno


Date Of Birth

October 18, 1981


Born on October 18, 1981 and hailing from Columbus, Ohio, Jen Diturno was educated at Bowling Green State University, where she earned a degree in education.  She is certified in Special Education K-12 and has worked as a special education teacher, a tough job that she admittedly misses.  She plans to go back to teaching in the fall.

Jen is outspoken, real, energetic and adventurous.  She likes attention and boys, but remains loyal to her boyfriend.  She describes herself as a fighter and competitor, and has jumped from one relationship to the next.  Jen likes watching Big Brother , and admits that she has not missed a season or even an episode.  She also reads magazines, her favorite being In Touch, US Weekly, People and Cosmopolitan.  Aside from cheerleading and watching football, she also likes shopping, tanning and hanging out with her friends.

Jen had her ears and tongue pierced, and got four tattoos done.  She has a Libra sign on the back of her neck, a turtle on the top of her right foot and her name and a tribal design on her lower back.

Jen is one of 16 housemates on CBS' Big Brother 9.

Jen's boyfriend is Ryan but she was paired with Parker .  Jen can be remembered for making a stir with her statement that Ryan was a racist.  The other women heard her when she said it but Jen denied it in front of Ryan, clarifying that what she said was that he had issues with interracial relationships.  In the end, Ryan believed her and they reconciled.

Jen and partner Parker were called as the first power couple in the history of the U.S. Big Brother.  They emerged as the winning couple on the very first challenge of the season and were given the sole power to evict a couple.  However, Alex and Amanda nominated them for eviction and Jen and Parker became the second pair to leave the house.

(Photo courtesy of CBS)

Place of Birth

Columbus, Ohio

Birth Name

Jen Diturno




2008: Big Brother (TV series) - Herself

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