Jeff Kassel



Actor Jeff Kassel has graced several television shows with his unique talents, which range from being a comedian to producer and even a director. His looks have caught the eyes of casting agents, turning him into a character actor acclaimed for his performances. He began his career by specializing in smaller roles, later achieving spots on blockbuster films and television series. Jeff Kassel’s credits begin with a writing job for the 1996 short film Cornerboys. The drama was directed by Marni Banack, and starred actors like Cameron Graham and Laura Adamo. Kassel moved on to acting himself, landing parts on television shows. In 2002, he was cast as Dr. Stone on an episode of Earth: Final Conflict. This was followed by a series of TV movies, including Martin and Lewis, Encrypt, and Dead Lawyers. He soon originated the role of Mr. Peabody on the series The X, before he moved on to an episode of This is Wonderland. In 2005, Kassel was cast as Dr. Rush on Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye, where he was seen on the episode “Troy Story.” Also that year, Kassel worked on the horror flick The White Dog Sacrifice, playing Buddy alongside Katherine Munroe, Jonathan Cherry and Steve Arbuckle. Later that year, Kassel landed a part in the short war drama On That Day, written and directed by Josh Koffman. In 2006, Kassel made his way to the big screen with a role in The Sentinel. The thriller was directed by Clark Johnson, and starred many of the industry’s big names. These included Michael Douglas, Eva Longoria Parker, Kiefer Sutherland, Kim Basinger and Michael Donovan. After that, Kassel appeared on the TV movie The Path to 9/11, and in 2007 obtained a role in Talk to Me. Also at the time, he wrote, produced, directed and acted in the Canadian TV comedy The Roommate. In 2008, Kassel played a photographer on an episode of The Trojan Horse before getting cast on Traitor. Also that year, he joined the cast of the FX comedy series Testees. For the show, he played the loyal and naïve Ron and has worked opposite actor Steve Markle.

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