Jay Nicolas Sario



Originally from the Philippines, Jay Nicolas Sario works as a visual merchandiser and lead stylist for Gap Inc. in the kids' division. This self-taught fashion illustrator realized his potential in the industry at an early age, and worked hard towards fulfilling his dream. He attended Honolulu Community College, later undergoing various jobs like being a cashier at the Home Depot before focusing on design.

Jay Nicolas Sario describes himself as both a stylist and designer, with a mischievous attitude and a crazy personality. Still, he’s honest and straightforward, as well as driven enough to accomplish his goals.

Having auditioned twice for Project Runway, getting accepted was a thrill for Jay Nicolas Sario. He was cast on his birthday, which definitely heightened his joy. This Alexander McQueen fan became a contestant for the reality TV competition’s seventh season, set in New York. He became known as one of the 16 designers vying for the top prize and the chance to launch their careers in the fashion industry. He took fourth place among all of them, and has since continued working on launching his collection. In 2014, he joined the cast of Project Runway: All Stars Season 4.


Project Runway: All Stars, season 4

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