Jason Ritter


Date Of Birth

February 17, 1980


Jason Ritter, son of the late actor John Ritter, was born on February 17, 1980 in Los Angeles, California. A graduate of the New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, he made his screen debut in the television movie The Dreamer of Oz. His next screen appearance was in 1999, when he starred as Todd in the daytime soap Days of our Lives. After guest appearances in Undressed and Law & Order, he snagged a role in the short film PG, and a supporting role in the 2002 psychological thriller Swimfan, with Shiri Appleby and Jesse Bradford.

He then appeared in the 2003 horror film Freddy vs. Jason, where he played Will Rollins, Lori Campbell’s (Monica Keena) boyfriend who was sent in an asylum after witnessing a murder. He also appeared in the drama Raise Your Voice, where he played Paul Fletcher, the older brother of aspiring singer Terri Fletcher (Hilary Duff), who was killed in a car crash. He also appeared in the 2005 ensemble film Happy Endings, where he plays a band member bent on keeping his homosexuality from his father.

In 2005, Ritter was included in the cast of the television series Joan of Arcadia. He plays the role of Kevin Girardi, the paraplegic older brother of Joan Girardi (Amber Tamblyn). In 2006, Ritter joined the Emmy-nominated comedy The Class. He plays the male lead Ethan Haas, who organizes a reunion with his fianc?e Joanne Richman’s (Kasey Wilson) classmates in third grade.

He has since appeared in three other films: The Education of Charlie Banks, an independent film directed by Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst, the satire The Deal, where he plays Lionel Travitz, a screenwriter who gets kidnapped in South Africa while shooting; and the biopic W., where he starred as George W. Bush’s (Josh Brolin) brother Jeb. He is also continually active in theater, with award-winning performances in plays such as Third, The Beginning of August and The Distance from Here. In 2010, he bagged the lead role as Sean Walker on NBC's conspiracy thriller The Event.

Place of Birth

Los Angeles, California

Birth Name

Jason Morgan Ritter



Fun Facts

-He made his first TV appearance at age 1 in the opening of Three's Company.




1990: The Dreamer of Oz as Harry Neal Baum
1991: The Real Story of O Christmas Tree
1999: Dr. Mumford ( Mumford ) and Martin Brockett
1999: Days of Our Lives ( Days of Our Lives ) as Todd
2000: Undressed - Who Undressed ( MTV's Undressed ) and Allan , Season 3
2001: Earth Day as a voice of Jack
2002: PG than Paul
2002: Swimfan as Randy
2003: Smash the Kitty as Josh
2003: Freddy Vs. Jason as Will Rollins
2003-2005: Joan of Arcadia ( Joan of Arcadia ) as Kevin Girardi
2004: Who's Your Momma?
2004: Raise Your Voice - Live your dream ( Raise Your Voice ) and Paul Fletcher
2005: Perceptions as Michael
2005: Happy Endings as Otis McKee
2005: Our Very Own to Clancy Whitfield
2005: placebo Daniel
2006: Lenexa 1 Mile as, Sean Hickey
2006: The Wicker Man as Bar Guy # 1
2006-2007: The Class as Ethan Haas
2007: The Education of Charlie Banks as Mick
2008: The Deal - one hand washes the other (The Deal)
2008: Good Dick
2008: W. - A misunderstood life (W.)
2010: The Event (TV Series)


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