Jason Hawes


Date Of Birth

December 27, 1971


Jason Hawes is the co-founder of TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) in Warwick, Rhode Island. Previously, he wrote 4 sci-fi thriller screenplays. In addition, he enjoys fishing and fine arts. Moreover, he is married to wife, Kris, and has 5 children, 3 girls and twin boys.

Ultimately, he became part of the reality show Ghost Hunters as one of the producers and the lead investigator.

Hawes has varied interests outside of TAPS, which include the fine arts[citation needed], fishing, martial arts, camping, hiking, writing books and screenplays, and cooking. He also spends a great deal of time participating in charity events[citation needed], raising money for everything from "Cure Kids' Cancer" to "Papers in Education." In addition, he has written four sci-fi/thriller screenplays [1]. He and his wife, Kris, have five children - three girls and a set of twin boys.

Hawes and Grant Wilson are best friends, and were coworkers when they shared a day job as plumbers for Roto Rooter. [1]

(Photo courtesy of Sci-Fi)

Place of Birth

Canandaigua, New York

Birth Name

Jason Conrad Hawes



Fun Facts

Graduated from Toll Gate High School in Warwick, Rhode Island, class of 1990.

Jason and Kristen have five children: three daughters, Samantha,, Haily and Satori, and two sons, Austin and Logan.

His family moved to Avon New York when he was still small. His father was offered a position at a company in Rhode Island when Jason was about 7 years old, and the family relocated to Warwick, Rhode Island in 1979.




"Ghost Hunters" (producer) (59 episodes, 2004-2008)

"Fear" by MTV, assistant






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