Jason Cook



American actor Jason Cook was born on September 30, 1980 in Somerdale, New Jersey. At a young age, his family moved to California. He then began studying the piano, improving his skills in music and occasionally getting jobs performing at weddings. He attended Westlake High School at Westlake Village, California and graduated in 1997. During high school, he considered a career in acting after being called in as a replacement in their production of Whodunnit. From then on, he decided to pursue his interest in the field. He let his mother know, and she introduced him to a friend of hers whose husband was an agent. Jason soon underwent auditions, landing roles on several projects.

Jason Cook rose to fame playing the character Shawn-Douglas Brady on the daytime soap opera Days of Our Lives. He became very popular with fans, taking on the part from October 1999 until September 2006. Cook was best known for his character’s relationship with Belle Black, portrayed by actress Kirsten Storms. Some of Cook’s other appearances have been those in Club Med, The Wizard of Loneliness, and an episode of The Amanda Show starring Amanda Bynes. When Cook left Days of Our Lives, he moved on to expand his career. He tried his hand at writing and directing films, making the independent feature Social Security Guard with his former Days of Our Lives co-star John Ingle.

In 2008, Jason Cook returned to daytime television. This time, he got cast as a character named Dr. Matt Hunter on the soap opera General Hospital. For that, he was reunited with his on-screen love interest Kirsten Storms, now playing Matt Hunter’s flame, Maxie Jones. In addition to his acting roles, Cook also got involved in video games. He was a basketball player in SingStar Amped, a game released in 2007.

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