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Featured as one of the contestants on the fourth season of Beauty and the Geek, Jasmine is a nanny and former cheerleader from Norwich, Connecticut, who enjoys shopping and snowboarding during her free time. She moved to Columbus, Ohio with the hopes of becoming a successful real estate agent in five years.

Jasmine was paired with LARPer Dave . The only challenge win that Jasmine had under her belt was the vineyard team challenge in the 11th episode "Whine and Dine." In this challenge, Jasmine and Dave were tied together, like in a three-legged race, and they collected and smashed enough grapes to fill three wine bottles with grape juice.

In the Comicon superhero challenge in the seventh episode "Super Geek," Jasmine and Dave created Jasmine's superhero alter-ego, Princess Bed-Head. They came in second place in this challenge.

Jasmine and Dave entered the final two with Sam and Nicole , and emerged as winners of Beauty and the Geek season 5 after a viewer vote. She has since continued to pursue her career in real estate, and used her prize money to buy a condo for her mom.

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