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When he joined Big Brother, Jase Wirey worked as a safety director from Taylorville, Illinois. He used to be employed as a volunteer firefighter in Decatur, Illinois. He is very conscious about his physical well-being, and names fitness training as one of his hobbies and fresh fruits and Promax protein bars as some of his favorite snacks. When he has the time, Jase likes to play backyard football with his family. He has great admiration for the Washington Redskins. During his appearance on the Big Brother-centered online talk show, House Calls, Jase revealed that his real name is "Zach."

Going into the Big Brother house for the show's fifth season did not scare Jase mainly because he was confident of his readiness to join the competition. Like many of the show's contestants, Jase tried out for the reality game with the intention of bringing home the $500,000 prize money. On the second week of the game, Jase earned the coveted title of Head of Household. However, on week 6, he was nominated for eviction, and when the result of the voting was revealed, Jace became the 5th guest to be eliminated from the house.

Upon his return to the game on Big Brother: All-Stars, Jase was reunited with his season 5 housemates, and . Although Jase was able to outlast Nakomis, he failed to escape elimination on week 3. He and shared the position of Head of Household throughout the first week, after they emerged victorious from the "Falling Stars" game.

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