Jared Padalecki


Date Of Birth

July 19, 1982


Jared Padalecki began taking acting classes at age 12, and got his big break when he won Fox's Claim to Fame Contest in 1999. It gave him an appearance at that year's Teen Choice Awards, and also introduced him to his would-be manager. Upon graduating from high school, he ditched his plans to attend college and instead went to Los Angeles to pursue acting.

Padalecki's first big role was in the TV series Gilmore Girls, as Dean Forrester, a love interest to Alexis Bledel's Rory Gilmore. Throughout his five-season stay - he was a regular on the show for its second and third seasons - he appeared in several TV films, and also dabbled on the big screen, notably in an uncredited cameo on Cheaper by the Dozen.

Perhaps Padalecki's most-known role to date is as devil-hunting Sam Wincester in the WB's Supernatural. It earned him a devoted following, which continues after six seasons. This also led to more prominent films, including horror flicks House of Wax and Friday the 13th.

Padalecki was once engaged to actress Sandra McCoy, who he worked with in the film Cry Wolf, but the two split up in 2008. He has since married fellow Supernatural co-star Genevieve Cortese in 2010.

Place of Birth

San Antonio, TX

Birth Name

Jared Tristan Padalecki



Fun Facts

- Our Lady Peace is his favorite band

- His favorite food is a cheeseburger with mustard, lettuce and tomato.

- The 1997 film Good Will Hunting is his favorite film.

- His favorite book is F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby.

- He admits to eating a lot of candies and sweets, prefering white chocolate macadamia cookies and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

- He and his Supernatural co-star Jensen Ackles were voted People Magazine's "Sexiest Ghostbusters" in 2005.

- During the filming of House of Wax, Jared locked himself out of his house several times and had to call his roommate and co-star Chad Michael Murray to let him in.

- Jared was the second tallest male cast member on Gilmore Girls. Jared was three inches taller than Scott Patterson and was between one and two inches shorter than Edward Herrmann.

- Jared idolizes Johnny Depp.


2007- Nominated for Teen Choice Award
Choice TV Actor: Drama
For: "Supernatural" (2005)

2005- Nominated for Teen Choice Award
Choice Movie Breakout Performance - Male
For: "House of Wax" (2005)

2002- Nominated for Teen Choice Award
TV - Choice Actor, Drama
For: "Gilmore Girls" (2000)


- A Little Inside (1999)
- A Ring of Endless Light (2002)
- Cheaper by the Dozen (uncredited cameo, 2003)
- New York Minute (2004)
- Flight of the Phoenix (2004)
- House of Wax (2005)
- Cry Wolf (2005)
- House of Fears (2007)
- Thomas Kinkade's Home for Christmas (2008)
- Friday the 13th (2009)

- Gilmore Girls (regular, 2000-2005)
- ER (guest, 2001)
- Supernatural (regular, 2005-present)


Sasquatch, Jare, Paddy, Stretchy, Lord, Jarhead, Jaredina


6' 4"


Jared on what he considers the happiest place on earth: "Anywhere I can be with my family."

On his superstitions: "Whenever I drive under a yellow light, I always kiss my finger and tap it on the roof of the car. And I do that when I get onto a plane as well!"

On the things that scare him the most: "I'm so happy with my family, my career and my friends, and I'd like for them to be here forever, so I guess loss is what scares me the most."

"I'm a little self-conscious about my body. I love to wear hoodies because you can get cozy and eat some food and your belly doesn't show!"

On love: "Don't place expectations on someone. Enjoy the time you have together, and let it go where it goes."

"I love cookies baking. During the winter, they have these candles that smell like cookies, and I always buy like a hundred of them."

"My drama coach gave me a lot of self-confidence when I wasn't sure of myself."

"Just be yourself and the right guy will come along, whether it be today, tomorrow, or next year. It'll happen!"

"Things that go bump in the night aren't the only reasons to be afraid in this world."

"I can rest when I'm older. Now's the time to work hard and try to make a name for myself."

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