Jamie Lauren


Date Of Birth

October 25, 1977


Jamie Lauren became known as one of the contestants of the fifth season of the Bravo reality show Top Chef. She was born in New York City, where she eventually took up training at the Culinary Institute of America. She then moved to San Francisco, where she became the executive chef of Absinthe Brasserie and Bar. Her culinary tastes are arguably a hodge-podge; she is classically trained in French cuisine, but admits to loving Indian food and cooking with onions.

Lauren was soon asked to return to Bravo's reality series, participating in the All-Star edition of Top Chef in 2010. There she reunited with her former contenders, as well as other chefs from various seasons of the show. After being eliminated in the sixth episode, she worked for Beechwood restaurant in Venice, renovating the dishes and bringing freshness and passion to the place.

Place of Birth

New York, NY

Birth Name

Jamie Lauren Sinsheimer



Fun Facts

- As a kid Jamie would eat Chef Boyardee or Chicken Noodle Soup for breakfast.



- Jamie is an honors graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, c/o 2000

- She is one of San Francisco Chronicle’s “Rising-Star Chefs” in 2005


2010: Out in the Desert (documentary) - Herself
2008-2009: Top Chef (TV series) - Herself

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