Jaimee Foxworth


Date Of Birth

December 17, 1979


Actress Jaimee Foxworth was born December 17, 1979 on a military base in Belleville, Illinois.  At the age of five, she started to model and also appeared on TV advertisements.  Foxworth graduated from Burbank High School in 1998.  Being daughters of the famous singer and actress Gwyn Foxworth, Jaimee and her sister pursued a career in music and formed a group named S.H.E.  They had the chance to be signed by SHAQ, but the band didn't last long in the industry.

Foxworth is famous for playing Judy Winslow on the long-running sitcom Family Matters.  She was seen on four seasons of the show but for reasons still unclear up to this moment, her character was suddenly removed from the storyline.

After her stint on Family Matters, Foxworth struggled with problems on alcoholism and depression.  Her trust fund was also used to save her family from bankruptcy, as per the ruling of the court.  Due to unstable finances, Foxworth tried working for adult films.  She did pornography for two years and appeared on hardcore movies Sugarwalls 29, My Baby Got Back 29, More Black Dirty Debutantes 30, Hot Girlz and Booty Talk 20: Super Fine Sistas!

In 1993, she appeared on the short-lived sitcom Getting By.  The story revolved around two-single mothers, one black and one white, who accidentally bought the same house and settled on living together under the same roof with their accompanying families.  The show premiered on ABC but it was cancelled even before the season ended.  NBC tried to revive the show but also ended up calling it off.

Some of Foxworth's notable TV guest appearances were on Amen, TV 101, 20/20, The Oprah Winfrey Show and The Tyra Banks Show.

Jaimee Foxworth can be seen on VH1's reality TV series Celebrity Rehab .  The show documents the experiences of celebrities as they undergo drug, alcohol and addiction treatment program.  It chronicles their journey towards rehabilitation and recovery.  Jaimee is seeking help for her addiction to marijuana.  She admits to smoking marijuana all day since she was 16-years-old.

(Photo courtesy of VH1)

Place of Birth

Belleville, Illinois

Birth Name

Jaimee Monae Foxworth

Fun Facts

- She was educated in Burbank High School and graduated in 1998.

- In 2000, she sparked controversy when it was discovered that she had been doing porn films under the name "Crave".

- She used to be in "S.H.E.", a group she formed with her sister.



2009: The Jeffersons: A XXX Parody (video)
2008: Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew (TV series)
2002: My Baby Got Back 29 (video)
2002: More Black Dirty Debutantes 32 (video) - Crave
2001: Hot Girlz (video)
2001: Adventures of Peeping Tom No. 28 (video) - Crave
2001: Chillin' with Jake Steed's Freaks Whoes & Flows 25 (video)
2000: Booty Talk 20: Super Fine Sistas! (video) - Crave
2000: More Black Dirty Debutantes 30 (video)
1989-1993: Family Matters (TV series) - Judy Winslow
1988: TV 101 (TV series) - Whitney Hines
1986: Amen (TV series) - Choir



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