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Jael Strauss is an aspiring model, who, prior to her participation in the eighth season of America’s Next Top Model, was working as a manager of several bands in Hollywood. She was also previously involved in band promotions in Detroit. She decided to try out for the reality show after a talent scout discovered her through her MySpace account. Other people close to Jael also felt she was a perfect candidate for the modeling competition. Despite making it to the finals, Jael admitted that she had not been a fan of the show prior to her participation, and even thought that the competition would be easy.

For her first shoot as a finalist on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 8, Jael was asked to embody the “Pro-life” political view. Her performance spared her from elimination, and she continued to impress the judges until the seventh challenge, where the finalists were asked to relive the most memorable moments of the series. Jael was tasked to mimic Cycle 4’s Rebecca Epley ’s fall during the panel evaluation, but she was criticized for appearing too mechanical. She landed in the bottom two with Whitney Cunningham , but was spared from elimination again when the judges decided to send Whitney home. However, her performance on the CoverGirl commercial the following week failed to impress the judges and she was consequently eliminated from the show. She has since signed with Otto Models and moved to Hollywood.

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Jael and Rebecca Epley of Cycle 4

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2009: Goreality (video) - Zephur
2008: S&M: Sex & Money (video) - Onyx
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2007-2008: America's Next Top Model (TV series) - Herself

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