Iza Lach



Iza Lach was born on May 14, 1989 in Lodz, Poland. As one of Poland’s brightest rising stars, Iza Lach is a young, talented vocalist, composer, and author. She has been enamored by music since childhood. In her early, childhood, Lach won a Polish contest called “From Kindergarten to Stage."

Iza Lach's serious career began with the acclaimed social networking website MySpace, through which the artist's talent was seen by people in Poland and beyond. Iza Lach was given the opportunity to make a demo CD and after two days of talks began discussions of making an album.

In autumn of 2008, Iza Lach began to make her debut album, "It's Time", to be released under the label EMI Music Australia. On the disc, Iza wrote all the songs, most of which were written when she was 16, after a separation from her boyfriend. Lach also wrote the title song "It's Time," when she was 13. During the summer of 2008, her album hit the charts, and the first single released by Iza Lach, then 18, was called "No".

Lach continues to grow her fame in Poland and across the world. She lists her inspirations as Martin Taylor, Michael Jackson, The Beach Boys, Jeff Buckley, Air, Zero 7, Gwen Stefani, Fergie, Snoop Dogg, Serge Gainsbourg, Lily Allen, Beyonce, The Beatles and The Plastic.

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