Howard Stern


Date Of Birth

January 12, 1954


Howard Stern entered radio after being inspired by his father, who worked as an engineer at then WHOM in Manhattan. He later attended Boston University, working at its campus radio station and, later, making his professional debut at WNTN; he graduated in 1978.

Stern initially worked for an advertising agency before returning to on-air radio work. His first major break came in 1979, when he joined WCCC in Hartford, Connecticut; he later worked in other radio stations in Washington DC and New York City, where he honed his no-holds-barred programming style -- one that earned the ire of management and attracted audiences.

Stern joined WXRK in New York in 1985; the following year his show entered nationwide syndication, which helped propel him to huge success. He later entered television, first with the syndicated Howard Stern Show in 1990, and later, his self-titled show on E!. He entered acting with the autobiographical film Private Parts, and even mounted a campaign for governor of New York in 1994.

With FCC regulations strengthened after the Super Bowl "wardrobe malfunction" in 2004, Stern entered an exclusive contract with Sirius Satellite Radio, where he continued his controversial radio show in a largely uncensored setting. He recently returned to television, joining as a judge of NBC's America's Got Talent.

Stern has three children with former wife Alison Burns; he is currently married to model Beth Ostrosky.

Place of Birth

New York, NY

Birth Name

Howard Allan Stern



Fun Facts



- Blockbuster Entertainment Award, Favourite Male Newcomer, 1998


- Ryder, PI (1986)
- Private Parts (1997)

- The Howard Stern Show (host, 1990-1992)
- The Howard Stern "Interview" (host, 1992-1993)
- Howard Stern (host, 1994-2005)
- The Howard Stern Radio Show (host, 1998-2001)
- America's Got Talent (judge, 2012-present)







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