Helen Phillips



Helen Phillips is one of the contestants of the second season of The Biggest Loser: Couples. She is a retired retail manager based in Sterling Heights, MI. Her busy schedule—her old job, raising three kids and her tendency to put her friends before herself—let to her gaining weight. After all, it’s easier to pick up fast food on the way than cooking for herself, or to watch television while eating ice cream than taking a hike outdoors. She’s lost time to herself, but she’s ready to take it back and get herself back to shape—an attitude that she thinks should begin at home, as she thinks she and her husband make the goal of losing weight a harder one to reach.

She joined the show with her daughter Shannon Thomas, who was since eliminated, and was part of the Pink Team, training under Bob Harper. Currently, she is part of the Black Team, now training under Jillian Michaels

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