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Gretchen Sheckler became known for being one of the members of the cast in the MTV reality television series Life of Ryan. She is the mother of the three Sheckler boys, and she also works as Ryan’s manager for his skateboarding profession. She is an expert at balancing the needs of her other younger sons, her own personal life, and helping run Ryan’s career. She regularly travels together with Ryan, and accompanies him during his numerous skateboarding promotional events and competitions. But at the same time, she ensures that his daily schedule and other responsibilities such as school are properly adhered to.

When she’s at home and taking care of her sons, she’s called “mom,” but when she’s out in the field with Ryan and managing his talent, she’s referred to as “Gretchen.” And these days, she’s acting more like Gretchen as she constantly reminds her eldest son to prioritize his career. It’s been stated that Ryan himself has had a challenging time trying to keep up with her. Despite her demanding and authoritative nature, however, she still knows how to be a likeable mother. She enjoys having Ryan’s friends come over to visit and skate in the backyard, gaining the admiring approval of her sons and their buddies.

(Photo courtesy of Ewan Burns for MTV)

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Gretchen Sheckler




2007-2008: Life of Ryan (TV series) - Herself

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