GinaMarie Zimmerman



GinaMarie Zimmerman is one of the cast members of Big Brother Season 15. She comes from New York and works as a pageant coordinator. She describes herself as crazy, sexy and cool, and thinks that the key to winning the game is just being herself. In week 4, she was put up as the third nominee after Elissa won the PoV and saved herself. In week 10, she won HoH and nominated Amanda and McCrae. During the double eviction, McCrae became HoH and nominated GinaMarie, along with Elissa. In week 11, she was nominated by HoH Spencer along with McCrae. In the finale, she won part one of the final HoH competition but she ultimately lost to Andy who won the final HoH and was crowned the winner of Big Brother 15.



Fun Facts

-She's scared of aliens.
-She likes modeling, singing and dancing.
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Big Brother, Season 15

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