Gina McDonald



Gina McDonald is an attorney and law firm owner from Hoover, Alabama. She's also one of the 15 contestants of The Biggest Loser season 14.

Gina has struggled her whole life with her weight but began getting heavier after a divorce left her a single mother of two young children. She blames her poor eating habits, lack of exercise, and the stress of divorce on her weight gain but after undergoing weight-related health issues that have included sleep apnea, high cholesterol, diabetes and hypothyroidism, Gina wants to finally become fit and healthy.

Gina was eliminated just a week before the finale of The Biggest Loser but ultimately took home the At-Home prize.

Place of Birth

Memphis, Tennessee



Fun Facts

Got a divorce in 2002.

Has two children.

Was recently voted one of her city’s top attorneys in the bankruptcy.

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