South Beach’s own “man about town” George is a high-powered mortgage banker, who owns his own investment and consulting firm. He admits that one of his primary hobbies is making money, which is a heads-up to any competition that comes his way. He focuses on his career in the mornings, but by night he’s ready to relax and just have some fun. A regular at Miami’s hottest clubs, he’s a party animal with a lot to offer.

Even though he’s such a success, he’s had troubles of his own. He recently got a divorce from fellow castmate Sorah, but they continue to remain friends. In addition to that, they still live in the same apartment building. However, George has moved on with the help of his current girlfriend, Lina. It’s getting more difficult though, since their relationship is going from fiery passion to a tumultuous wreck. Despite that, George is trying to make it work and hoping to settle down with her at last.

As one of the stars in Miami Social, George joins Sorah, Michael, Katrina, Hardy, Maria and Ariel in this reality docu-series set in the country’s liveliest city. The show follows this group of young professionals as they face their corporate duties by day and party all the way at night. There’s a lot going on in Miami, which is an international cultural melting pot of people all ready to face the South Beach sun and fun. These wealthy hopefuls are all searching for something better, and there’s no other place to find it than Miami.

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