Despite proclaiming himself to be a total outsider, Gary is someone with a kind heart. The New England native spends most of his time teaching kids how to dance, thanks to his good intentions and a BFA in jazz dance from the University of Arts in Philadelphia. As a young boy, he grew up moving from a variety of places. This instilled in him a strong sense of individuality, which he hopes to establish in the children he trains. Even though he’s focused on proving himself on the dance floor, he also knows how to relax. Gary is fond of barbecuing outside with his family and friends, and he’s willing to share his experiences with anyone. Truly a unique individual, Gary has joined in to become one of the nine guys who are vying for a spot in Brody Jenner’s entourage. Joining the MTV reality show Bromance, these men are set out to prove how much of a guy friend they can be. These fellows will get to hang out with one another, dealing with their varying personalities and hoping to win. Are they genuine and trustworthy or are they hiding something from their bro Brody? Through various challenges, these guys must show that they have enough brotherly love to earn a life of luxury with Brody Jenner and his posse.

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