Gary and Matt



The Amazing Race 15
1st Leg: 7th Place
2nd Leg: 1st Place
3rd Leg: 3rd Place
4th Leg: 4th Place
5th Leg: 4th Place
6th Leg: 5th Place
7th Leg: 4th Place
8th Leg: 5th Place/Non-elimination leg
9th Leg: 5th Place/Eliminated

8th Team Eliminated - 11/15/2009

Gary and Matt are one of the teams on the fifteenth season of The Amazing Race. The father-and-son pair are complete opposites, but nonetheless share their common sense approach to problems, something that should come in handy during the race.

Gary Tomljenovich, 47, hails from Laurel, MO, and works as a construction manager and mortgage broker. He enjoys hunting and listening to classic rock.

Matt Tomljenovich, 22, hails from Bozeman, MO, and is currently a student. He was once involved in a near-fatal car accident, and needed to have a metal rod placed on his broken leg. He plays video games and listens to metal during his off-time.

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Gary and Matt


The Amazing Race, Season 15, 5th Place

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