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Fysh n Chicks is an all-female group from Los Angeles, California.  For them, it is essential to focus on the dance and not on bodies and to emphasize this belief; the women always dress in baggy jeans, along with flannel shirts and bandanas.

Alexis  Boyd

Twenty-one-year old Alexis Boyd, also known as Vision, hails from Glendale California.  She started dancing as a fill-in when she was in fifth grade.  Her sister was then on the high school dance team and the group regularly rehearsed at their house.  A group mate suddenly quit at the last moment, two days before the scheduled performance.  Alexis studied the routine and has since then developed a love for dancing.  She was just 15-years-old when she booked her first major job and by the age of 16, she was already on tour.  Aside from Fysh n Chicks, she also has a rap group called Lip-Stik.  Her source of inspiration is her one and only son.  She says that she keeps on making money, perfecting her craft, smiling and dancing because of him.

Erin Brown

Erin Brown, a 20-year old from San Fernando Valley, California, decided to pursue a career in dancing after watching Showtime at the Apollo and The Wiz during her elementary days.  She is currently taking up a course in marketing.  Aside from dancing, she also enjoys playing the cello, the violin and the piano.  Her dancing idol is choreographer Phlex because he amazes her not just as a dancer but as a person as well.  She gets her inspiration from music and everyday life lessons.  In joining Dance Crew, she looks forward to the bonding experience and also wants to see how the group will work under pressure, and how they will face the challenges to be given.

Kristin Lorello

Twenty-two-year-old Kristin Lorello is from Clearwater, Florida.  She started dancing at a tender age of four.  In 2005, she moved to LA and discovered more about her dancing potential.  To make money, she divides her time between being a judge on the Hall of Fame Convention and a teacher at Millennium Dance Complex and at the Basement Dance Studio.  Aside from dancing, Lorello has a knack for singing, acting, choreography and soccer.  She looks up to Twyla Tharp and her insights on how to be creative.  Her other dancing idols are Mia Michaels, Wade Robson and her college modern teacher Michael Foley.  Her future plans include owning a studio and having her own convention.

Mia Harris

Twenty-two-year-old Mia Harris from Gardena, California started dancing at the age of two.  She is currently enrolled in California State University Northridge, majoring in dance and film production.  Aside from dancing, her other talent is playing the piano.  She admires the performances of Paul Kennedy, Desmond Richardson, Michael Jackson, RoRo, Wade Robson and Phlex.  Her source of inspiration is life itself.  She shares that over the years; she found out that she can’t live without dance.  Aside from gaining experience by joining Dance Crew, Harris is certain that the show will be a new venture for her and that the challenges will prepare her for whatever is to come next in her life.

Taeko Carroll

Taeko Carroll is from Sacramento, California.  This 21-year-old woman claims that she started dancing since she came out of her mother’s womb.  Carroll confesses that academics were never her strong point but arts are her life.  Aside from dancing, her she also practices her other talents in being a singer, songwriter, violinist, pianist, scriptwriter and actress.  Her dancing idols are Tino, Phlex, Laure, Jamie, Kelly and Kono.  Another trivia is this woman knows how to speak Japanese fluently.  In joining Dance Crew, she hopes to gain exposure and use it as a stepping stone to the next level in her career as an artist.

Laura Edwards

Twenty-two-year-old Laura Edwards came from Waldorf, Maryland.  It was in June of 2005 when her dancing career started after she participated in a music video.  For extra money, she teaches dance classes and choreographs competition studios.  Her biggest idol in the field of entertainment is none other than the king of pop, Michael Jackson.  In the dance world, she looks up to Tabitha D'Umo.  Her passion for dancing and meeting other people with the same passion are sources of inspiration for Edwards.  Also, she is grateful for her family’s support on her chosen career.  In joining Dance Crew, she hopes to gain more experiences, learn more about herself and meet other people.

Kenya Clay

Kenya Clay is a 27-year-old woman from Inglewood, California.  Her dancing career started when she was 18.  A close friend took her to a dance class just to exercise and she soon found herself falling in love with it.  She earns money for her daily expenses by working as a waitress at a local restaurant.  Aside from dancing, Clay enjoys writing and track running.  Being the second eldest among nine children, she considers her siblings a great source of inspiration and encouragement.  She wants them to see that dreams should be followed no matter what obstacles come along the way.  In her dancing career and in her personal life, Clay’s main goals are to make a difference, to touch lives and to be an inspiration to kids.

Fysh n Chicks is a finalist for MTV’s 2008 reality talent search Randy Jackson Presents: America’s Best Dance Crew; where hip-hop dance groups from all over US compete for the prize money and for the opportunity to be given a touring contract.

(Photo courtesy of MTV)

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