Frankie Grande



Frankie Grande is one of the houseguests on Big Brother season 16. He's a YouTube sensation who is described as sparkly, charismatic and unreserved. Aside from making funny videos with friends, he also enjoys swimming, biking and twerking. He thinks that being likable is the key to winning Big Brother.

In week one, Frankie won the first HoH and nominated Brittany and Victoria but was eventually dethroned by Caleb. He was later revealed to be part of Team America alliance along with Donny and Derrick. In week 4, he became the HoH and nominated Amber and Jocasta. However he was dethroned after Amber and Jocasta won the Battle of the Block, leaving Cody the sole HoH. In the same week, it was also revealed that his grand father passed away. In week 5, he became the sole HoH after Zach was dethroned. In week 7, HoH Christine nominated Frankie and Caleb but they ended up winning the Battle of the Block. In week 8, Franke became the sole HoH after HoH Derrick as dethroned. He originally nominated Caleb and Cody but, after Franke won Power of Veto, decided to save Caleb and nominated Zach, who ended up going home with 5 out of 5 votes. In week 10, he won Power of Veto but decided not to use it. In week 11, he became HoH and nominated Cody and Victoria. He also won Power of Veto. But due to the reset button, no one went home. The following week, he was nominated by HoH Caleb along with fellow nominee Victoria. He was evicted with 2 out of 2 votes.




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