This entrepreneur from Columbia, Venezuela and Brazil boasts of his ability to sell practically anything. In addition to that, he’s also adept at selling himself. The 29-year-old Francisco is someone who can easily tap into the skill of socialites, claiming he can make anyone like him in an instant. He’s a sensitive guy who admits that he’s in touch with his feminine side, which other men might be scared of embracing.

Unafraid to discuss his fears and feelings, Francisco seems like someone who’s really out there. He even says that the first time he went to McDonald’s drive-thru when he arrived in the US, he had no idea what to do and how it worked. Maybe Megan Hauserman can teach him the ropes as he talks about his dreams of being with her. It’s probably why Francisco joined in as one of the 17 contestants on Megan Wants a Millionaire. On the competition, he’ll be pitted against other money-making men dreaming of having the Ultimate Trophy Wife.

The 17 self-made competitors on Megan Wants a Millionaire will go head to head and bank account to bank account, in order to win over the affections of reality TV celebrity Megan Hauserman. As they prove to her how much they’re worth, they will face numerous hardships on the way. Each challenge they succeed in will get them a date with the self-proclaimed material girl, but it won’t be that simple. They have to overcome obstacles like coming up with business plans for Megan’s beloved dog Lily or emerging triumphant in a high roller Vegas tournament. They’re going to do whatever it takes to bring home their Trophy Wife, spending their own money for Megan. She won’t be the only person they have to charm though. Joining her are several of her close friends and even other personalities, all intent on helping Megan fulfill her quest in finding her very own millionaire.

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