Fr3sh is one of nine crews that are part of the fourth season of MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew. Based in Matawan, NJ, they compare themselves to the Breakfast Club—sometimes rowdy, often rebellious. This group of seven Asians hate being stereotyped as such, and with their mix of jazz, funk, and their sarcastic humor, they’re breaking just that.

22-year-old Adrian “Aid” Causing is a closet gamer, and loves watching Korean movies.

22-year-old Cindy “C-Ho” Ho wants to be a make-up artist, and is quite tactless.

22-year-old Daniel “Danny” Duma can solve a Rubik’s cube in less than 20 seconds, but wished he wasn’t as thin as he is.

21-year-old Eun Ji Hong plays the piano and loves to cook.

21-year-old Leslie “Lez” Hubilla is a vegetarian, and can draw with her eyes closed.

22-year-old Louise “Lou” Angso is an avid runner, despite her very small feet.

20-year-old Michael “Mikey” Esteban has a thing for dating older women and showing off his muscles.

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