Field Cate


Date Of Birth

22 July, 1997


American actor Field Cate was born on July 22, 1997 in Burlington, Vermont. Many people believe that his talents run in the family, because acting is in his blood. He comes from a family of entertainers, spanning generations with their skills. His mother, Dianne Tangel-Cate, was born in Los Angeles, where his grandparents still live. Upon raising a family, they all left the East Coast for Hollywood shortly after Fields’ fifth birthday. Even before the move, the aspiring actor took part in several children’s theater productions. He was even enrolled in improvisation classes in LA, performing weekly on stage to much applause. Field Cate began his professional career a year later, turning his love for acting into a full-time career. Since then, he signed on to an agency and booked a number of independent and short film roles, as well as print work for advertisements. He was also seen on commercials and music videos, before he rose to fame on television. In 2004, Cate got a role in the long-running soap opera Passions. His character was that of Ethan Winthrop Jr. This was followed by a part in 2006’s Chloe’s Prayer as Owen. Later, he played Kevin Welch in Untold Stories of the ER, on the episode “Foam in Veins.” His string of dramatic TV roles continued, as he was cast in Without a Trace the next year. After a small role in Forever, he landed the part of Sonny on Seven’s Eleven: Sweet Toys. At that time, he was picked for the part of young Ned on numerous episodes of the television series Pushing Daisies. He then got cast in Cold Case, appearing on the episode titled “The Road.” In 2008, Cate signed on to play the role of Buddha in the movie Space Buddies. When he isn’t acting, Field Cate manages to divide his time going to school and relaxing. He enjoys playing video games, and is fond of reading Japanese manga. In addition to that, he participates in musical theater and karate. When asked what he would do if he wasn’t an actor, he answered that he’d like to become a video game designer.

Place of Birth

Burlington, Vermont, USA

Birth Name

Field Adrianus Cate



Fun Facts

He has three cats: Daisy, Haley, and Mewtwo.

One of his grandmothers is from Holland, the other from France.

His great-grandmother Marjorie Ralston was Walt Disney's 13th employee. She worked as an inker and was the original (uncredited) voice of Minnie Mouse.

His great-great-aunt Esther Ralston was a silent film actress who has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

His brother, Springer Holland Cate, younger by 7 1/2 years, is already following in his actor footsteps.

He is a StarPower Ambassador for the Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation.

His favorite actors are Robert Downey Jr., Devon Werkheiser, and Ben Stiller.

CARE Award recipient (2007).

CARE Award recipient (2008).

He has been a vegetarian since birth.

He likes Johnny Cash.


2009: Space Buddies (voice) - Buddha
2007-present: "Pushing Daisies" - Young Ned
2008: "Cold Case" - John Smith '83 (1 episode)
2007: Seven's Eleven: Sweet Toys - Sonny
2007: Forever - Young Boy
2006: "Without a Trace" - Petros Marku (1 episode)
2006: "Untold Stories of the ER" - Kevin Welch (1 episode)
2006: Chloe's Prayer - Owen
2004: "Passions" - Ethan Winthrop Jr. (1 episode)

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