Ferb Fletcher


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August 31, 1998


Ferb Fletcher and his stepbrother are likeminded in their goal of making every day of summer the best it can be. Ferb is more of a quiet type of person as opposed to Phineas. A very smart kid, he knows a lot when it comes to mechanics. He's more into working and inventing stuff and he is always willing to help carry out Phineas' crazy ideas, Except in "The Phineas & Ferb Movie. He has his own singing career. He speaks in a sophisticated British accent and utters only a line or two for every episode (but allot in the movie). Although he and Phineas are just stepbrothers, they are always together and they treat each other as best friends.

Ferb is so good in mechanics and technology that he is able to build a roller coaster and track, a radio-controlled race car, arenas and stadiums, a space ray, a monster truck and a shrinking submarine. To top it all, he also invents a time machine.

Ferb is also a music enthusiast. When he is not working on their plans, Ferb can be found playing the guitar, bass, keyboard, trumpet and the drums. Sometimes, he sings a melody but only on very rare occasions.

Ferb is left-handed. Ferb also has a crush on Vanessa, Dr. Doofenshmirtz's daughter.

He treats his stepsister Candace as a real sister and does a lot of things to make her happy. On her birthday, Ferb helps her carve her face into Mt. Rushmore. He also edits Candace's disastrous acting scene and films Candace's performance of a song entitled "Mom, It's Your Birthday."

His biological father is Lawrence Fletcher. They come from the United Kingdom. His stepmother is Linda Flynn, and Ferb is very respectful of her.

Ferb Fletcher is a character on Disney Channel's animated series Phineas and Ferb. He is voiced by Singer/Songwriter James Blunt.

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Ferb Fletcher



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